PMR 446 / LPD / KDR Band Radio
Partial crack details

OH3TR's website
Numerous Articles found in English Finnish & Dutch at
GW6NQU's Telcom TE-150 Mod Sheet

The Finnish Amateur OH3TR for his original fixed band mods pages (Kiitos!) (Can you explain to me the reference about squelch control and a "Sheep's Hind Hoof" ? I dont get it ? ;-) )
Jim H , John G , Tony H, (You know who you are!) for getting me to buy these radios in the first place!
Clive T, for pointing out the obvious which was staring me in the face, but I didnt see ;-)
Riikka S, for her excelent translation of OH3TR's website (Kiitos!)

During the early hours of 09/02/03, I managed to open up this radio to the following bands:

PMR 446
KDR 444
LPD (70CM)

Whilst also permitting the radio to be configured in a number of multi-market band combinations:

P . K = PMR 446 Menu switchable to KDR444
P . L = PMR 446 Menu switchable to LPD (70 cm amateur band subset) Sold as "Team Dualtalk"
K . L = KDR 444 Menu switchable to LPD
P . K . L = All three bands menu switchable.

We are still looking for another link combination to openup the radio to its full potential of supporting the FRS and WT additional bands via menu selection - we can go to them by hitting the hardware, but its so much nicer to use the menu's if possible

If your radio's serial number starts with "3nnnn" or above jump straight to operation - you may not need to solder the pads differently! all those currently starting with" 2nnn" require the mod to work in multi band mode. All "3nnnnn" sets reported so far have worked withotu soldering!



See the Manufacturers Website

This Radio is built around the WT-405 circuit board


If you attempt this mod you are responsible for your own actions !!

I supply this information for educational purposes only !!

I am not responsible for anything you do to your radio !


Remove the battery case lid.

Remove the batteries.

Undo the four screws holding the battery compartment down.

Prise open the radio <CAREFULLY> from it’s base to remove
the back panel, CAUTION! There are four plastic retaining clips

In the top of the set – “Gently” is the order of the day!

Prise out the bottom of the circuit board and slide gently DOWN so that the earphone socket comes out of its hole, then, holding the TOP OF RADIO END of the PCB, fold the pcb BACK taking care of the charging terminal wiring i.e.:

(Side View)


Look on the FRONT of the PCB and below the LEFT of the LCD is a capacitor – folded flat – fold it vertical again to reveal the set of solder pads. (the capacitor is soldered to the first pad !! )

Modify the solder joints (shown green) as follows (you did note where they were originally didn’t you?!)

The Green bars are the solder links
Fold the CAPacitor back down and re-assemble the Radio.

Dont be too alarmed if when re-assembled there is no sound coming from the speaker - its the silly springs that link the speaker to the PCB, slacken off the screws slightly, replace the batteries, and "Wiggle" the case slightly - this re-locate the springs on the pads. Once aligned, squeeze the radio tightly between finger & thumb, remove the batteries at either end, then re-tighten the screws again.
Power the radio on Normally - if you have modded it successfully, you should now see a new letter (P/K/L) next to the PTT / VOX icon. If so great - power off again - if not - open that radio and check your soldering again !
Press and Hold down the "UP ARROW" button, then simultaneously press and hold the POWER / CONFIRM Button

A new menu should appear in front of you called BAND make your selection with the up down arrow and press the POWER / CONFIRM button.

The Radio will reset to the band of your choice .
When using the multi band configurations (PL / KL / PKL etc.) pressing UP ARROW then POWER / CONFIRM quickly gives a menu with both Band and channel as options - select as appropriate.
Enjoy it !
The quest continues for a link set that permits the FRS and WT Bands to be included in the Band Menu! ......

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