Welcome to yet more of
Free Webspace
Candidly, anything hosted here is ancient and just a historical archive, including:
historical info on the defunct since 2006 UK106 PMR446 gateway
My Pages on modifying the Telcom TE-150 PMR446 radios

Also once hosted here were a number of folders used for viewing graphics in various tech forums
(e.g. www.wirelesswales.net and 446 user.co.uk)

Neither of which still exist but might be accesible via the wayback machine

All my homegrown tech drawings are copyright - dont let me see it anywhere I
havent put it without having asked me first!



If you've been given a temporary private folder to look at a media file on IRC
or to download a file thats too big for email, I should have given
you the direct URL to the folder. Please consult your email / IM / IRC client
or ring my mobile.
!a covert attempt to get a mate's website spidered !
and another one