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Hosted here is:
Grossly out of date info on the UK106 PMR446 gateway
My Pages on modifying the Telcom TE-150 PMR446 radios

Also here are a number of folders used for viewing graphics in various tech forums
(e.g. www.wirelesswales.net and 446 user.co.uk)

Please view the graphics in their correct context , from those forums!

All my homegrown tech drawings are copyright - dont let me see it anywhere I
havent put it without having asked me first!



If you've been given a temporary private folder to look at a media file on IRC
or to download a file thats too big for email, I should have given
you the direct URL to the folder. Please consult your email / IM / IRC client
or ring my mobile.
!a covert attempt to get a mate's website spidered !
and another one